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Since Photobucket has stopped allowing third party linking, there will likely be a lot of missing images from many of my posts. I will try to fix them as I see them, or when I can, but it might take some time. Sorry. :(
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 Needing a break from Sim Egypt, I made this community lot yesterday. You can see more photos and information on my Tumblr (LINK).  Or DOWNLOAD now.

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 See more photos of the (nearly) complete palace on Tumblr! Follow the link:

Pharaoh's Palace


Apr. 12th, 2017 08:01 am
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 Regarding my Sim Egyptian legacy, please keep in mind:

I am not attempting to recreate ancient Egypt as it was in real life. The Sims games are pure fantasy and that is where my version lies - firmly in the Sim universe. You know, that place where aliens, zombies, and Servos walk around and no one gives it a thought. :P  I may use a few familiar names of famous pharaohs, and some historical situations, but that's as far as the similarity to real Egypt goes.

The most important part: Please do not make racist comments or tell me I'm whitewashing history. Again, this is the SIMS. The game has one dark skin, one light skin, and two shades of beige in between. Not a lot of variety there. Even though I have a few extra custom skin colors I still have limited control over how the game's genetics work, especially over multiple generations. Frankly, I'm not going to stress out about it and you shouldn't either. I'm just playing the game for fun!

Also regarding comments: I have turned on anonymous comments and I turned off IP address tracking for your privacy. Though I maintain the right to delete anything that is just plain ol' hateful. Thank you for understanding!
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This is just to confirm that I am (FINALLY) getting back to my Egyptian legacy. I have to rebuild (I don't dare put that OLD neighborhood into my game for fear of corruption because I have UC and a completely different downloads folder now), so it's giving me the opportunity to build the neighborhood exactly how I want it before importing the Sims. After scouring around for a good neighborhood terrain to use, which I altered a little bit, I have started the process of creating a town/city/thing...

More under the cut! )

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And now for the grand mediocre finale! I played a marathon run through these last college and main house rotations, and the OWBC is finally done. *collapse*

"Go Fisch!" part 20
The index to previous chapters is HERE.

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I'm almost done with this challenge! There will be an heir poll at the end of this update, so please vote! :) The poll is closed now. Thanks for the votes.

"Go Fisch!" part 19
The index to previous chapters is HERE.

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I finally got to play some yesterday and this morning, so here's the next update!

"Go Fisch!" part 18
The index to previous chapters is HERE.

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I've been in bed the past few days suffering from a particularly mean stomach bug, so this was written in a post-sickness haze! :P

"Go Fisch!" part 17
(the chapter index is HERE)

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It's been a while! D:  I actually opened this lot yesterday and was like, "Who are these kids?" But I figured it out quick enough! >_>

"Go Fisch!" part 16
The chapter index is HERE.

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A Perfect Arrangement - This is a flower shop that works best as an owned business. More photos HERE.
Download @ Sim File Share or from Box.net

Bad Habits - This is a bar with some poker tables. More photos HERE.
Download @ SFS or BOX
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So I've gone on this building kick lately that involves making TS2 community lots in the shape of the object that represents what they sell. :D All lots are fully decorated inside, but feel free to change that however you like.

Grilled Cheese Restaraunt - As an owned business the menu can be set to grilled cheese only. Patrons enjoy soaking in the 'salad' after a filling grilled cheese meal. More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Just Desserts - This is a cake-shaped bakery that, like all Sim bakeries, works best as an owned lot. It also contains the career reward chocolate making station (unfortunately you can't actually sell the chocolates). More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Player Two - A video game store shaped like a video game console. More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Turn It Up! - This is a music store that looks like a guitar amplifier. As an unowned lot there's not much to do beside play all the musical instruments! More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

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I've built a (tiny) bookstore. More photos and information can be found on my Tumblr at this link:
The Bookshelf

Download @ BOX or SFS
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"The Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Lounge has been a neighborhood landmark since 1976. It's where your parents went on their first date, and where everyone goes to dinner on prom night."

CC free, 2x3 community lot.
CLICK for photos and download link )

I sometimes forget to post things here after they have been posted on Tumblr, but you can find any other lots that I have shared there by going HERE.
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Things happen. :P Since August I've had to help my mom move, take care of things around the house (owning a house is almost like having a toddler... it always needs attention), and now I'm preparing for a wedding in the first week of November in which I'm a brides maid. Which is in Nebraska so I've also got a hefty road trip ahead of me. BUSY.

BUT I did manage to pop into the game for a couple of hours the other day to create a very short video. This is my entry for the Totally Maxis Challenge Twenty: The Horror! You take Maxis premades and put them in the roll of a scary movie character, or scary video game, scary book, etc. I guess it's pretty obvious I used Angela and Lilith.

The Shining - Sims 2 Scene from fuzzy spork on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween! 
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I know I like JUST posted chapter 14, but I already had enough photos for another update. So here it is!

"Go Fisch!" part 15
Index of previous chapter is HERE.

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Update number fourteen and the start of generation three!

"Go Fisch!" part 14
The index to previous updates is at this link.

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Admittedly, I'm not spending as much time putting these together as I used to. Quantity over quality though, right? >_>

"Go Fisch!" part 13
Previous chapters can be found at this link.

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Update time! Heir poll results! Craziness! Inepitude! D:

"Go Fisch!" part 12
The index to previous chapters can be found HERE.

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I'm finally to the stage where I need to know who the heir is! So at the end of this update there will be a link to a Google Form poll. Thanks in advance for voting. :) I'll leave the poll open until Friday (July 1st) or until it looks like there is a run away winner. :P I can't really play any further until I know who to try to keep alive. >_<

ETA: It's been over 24 hours since there were any new votes on the poll, so it is now closed. Thanks to those who voted! It was a record turn out. :)

"Go Fisch!" part 11
The index of previous update is HERE.


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