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Prompt:  Gwen meets Olie's *other* wife.  (from [livejournal.com profile] regacylady)
Rating:  Everyone.
Word Count:  522
Notes:  This is an extra prompt that will count as my "writer's choice" spot in the center of the game card.  Or, as I've been calling it, "Cait's Choice".  XD  The characters are Gwen from the Regacy, and Delalli (simself) from my OWBC.
  Totally AU and just for fun.

Have a seat and wait for your number to be called... )

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Prompt:  Flamingos
Rating: Everyone
Note: You'll figure it out.  ;)
Word Count:
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He knew he was practically invisible. )

Prompt given by [info]esmeiolanthe
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Prompt: Olivet's culture shock when he gets to the Regacy.
Rating: Everyone
Note: This actually coincides with Cait's Regacy chapter 4.1b *
Word Count: 551

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(* Shortly before Olivet and Stanley are introduced to the story.  Olie pretty much rolls with the punches in most situations, so I expect it's the Regacy that is more shocked by him than vice versa.  However, one thing Olie would definitely have a difficult time adjusting to are the clothes. And then there's the matter of actually tricking him into an arranged marriage...)

Did someone say waistcoat? )

Prompt given by [info]docnerd

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