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Things happen. :P Since August I've had to help my mom move, take care of things around the house (owning a house is almost like having a toddler... it always needs attention), and now I'm preparing for a wedding in the first week of November in which I'm a brides maid. Which is in Nebraska so I've also got a hefty road trip ahead of me. BUSY.

BUT I did manage to pop into the game for a couple of hours the other day to create a very short video. This is my entry for the Totally Maxis Challenge Twenty: The Horror! You take Maxis premades and put them in the roll of a scary movie character, or scary video game, scary book, etc. I guess it's pretty obvious I used Angela and Lilith.

The Shining - Sims 2 Scene from fuzzy spork on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween! 


Apr. 6th, 2015 03:30 pm
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The other day over on my Tumblr I mentioned that I was conducting a little experiment. Sort of like in the movie Groundhog Day, I would make one sim relive the same exact day over and over again just to see what (if anything) happened differently. I had intended to make this last for 20 or more replays of the same day, but it turns out my patience and general mental well-being ended at 10. Which is just as well because it's way too many pictures as it is!

40-some-odd photos and bad grammar THIS WAY... )
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Had a rough day in the Real World today and I really needed to do something silly and fun to clear my head.  This turned out to be the perfect thing!  :D  This is the maxis_taste Dare #31: Gender Bender.

Sim State U will never be the same... )

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Last night I decided I was going to come here today and tell you all that I'm giving up, uninstalling TS2, and I'm going back to the basics...

Because I'm a loser baby... )
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Okay... Gah, what's wrong with me?  I can't pass up a challenge where Sim genetics are involved!  D:  I spotted that Good Genes challenge over at GOS and couldn't resist playing it.  I mean it's ONLY 3 generations.  >_>

SO, three days later I finished it.  I guess I should have made better use of aging cheats to speed up the process, but I was also play-testing some residential lots I built for the Egyptian legacy, so it served a dual purpose.  Blah-blah, long story short, I have my results.  As evidenced by the 25 or so photos under the cut (I wasn't doing this as a photo shoot... so expect regular crappy pics from the regular game-play).

The Challenge: I have to take THIS... )

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And because I know you all are SO EXCITED about all my old crap being rescued from the Exchange, I'm here to dazzle your eyes with some especially old crap.  This was my self-indulgent project after finishing my legacy and before starting my OWBC.  Back in the good ol' days before my game had ceilings and I had no clue there were cheat codes other than 'move objects'.  Good times.  Yee haw.

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