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If you have trouble installing any of these sims, let me know!  I tried to weed out any problem files or CC, but I might have missed something.Read more... )More coming soon!
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Still working on getting everyone packaged and uploaded.  I intend to make a general index for them all, but in the meantime you can find all the O'Leerys uploaded so far at this link.  (gen 3 coming soon)

And because LJ changed their crap editor so it's even MORE crap now, I am posting Nightshade in a link of his own instead of editing him into the Gen 2 post - because everything blows up when I try to and I'm not gonna rebuild a whole post just to add ONE THING - WTF LJ.  Night would probably prefer it this way anyway.  Loner is as loner does...

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This generation includes Lairobell, Lou Palou (Lulu), Pepper Jack (PJ), and Raschera.  I will be adding Nightshade to this group, as well.  You can still get Pierre Cendre (Pie)

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Still need to actually ORGANIZE all of this once I get them all posted.  So there will be one place they are all linked from.
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Finally I got generation one all packed up and uploaded!  I'll get around the rest of the O'Leerys, too, but for now here's my founder and his three children...

If anyone has problems installing the simpack, let me know!  The file they come zipped in has a text document with their stats, but those are listed here, as well.  Also, I'll get versions that are CC free uploaded if people want that.

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Okay, I'm starting the process of extracting and packaging my OWBC sims.   I want to be able to offer them for download, and I'm not entirely sure what people want or don't want in the file, SO let's start with ONE SIM and I'll work my way up from there.  :P

Pierre Cendre O'Leery... aka Pie You can get him HERE:  http://www.box.net/shared/9tx9x63zyf8n28h7d2oh

(That's right, ladies.  He's all yours.  -___- ) Included in the file are the simpack, a BodyShop head photo (just so you know what he's supposed to look like in case he's like BALD or something) and

a text file containing the following information...  )a text file containing the following information...  )
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I'm tired of the Exchange borking her up, so she's now available for download from Box.net. Her stats follow...

Base Game compatible

Name: Fuzzy Spork

Personality: 7-4-3-6-5 (Capricorn)

Aspiration: Knowledge and/or Popularity

Turn On: Facial hair and glasses (or creativity)

Turn Off: Zombies (or stink)

Gender Pref: Male

Click here to Download

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