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A Perfect Arrangement - This is a flower shop that works best as an owned business. More photos HERE.
Download @ Sim File Share or from Box.net

Bad Habits - This is a bar with some poker tables. More photos HERE.
Download @ SFS or BOX
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So I've gone on this building kick lately that involves making TS2 community lots in the shape of the object that represents what they sell. :D All lots are fully decorated inside, but feel free to change that however you like.

Grilled Cheese Restaraunt - As an owned business the menu can be set to grilled cheese only. Patrons enjoy soaking in the 'salad' after a filling grilled cheese meal. More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Just Desserts - This is a cake-shaped bakery that, like all Sim bakeries, works best as an owned lot. It also contains the career reward chocolate making station (unfortunately you can't actually sell the chocolates). More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Player Two - A video game store shaped like a video game console. More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

Turn It Up! - This is a music store that looks like a guitar amplifier. As an unowned lot there's not much to do beside play all the musical instruments! More photos HERE.
Download @ BOX or SFS

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I've built a (tiny) bookstore. More photos and information can be found on my Tumblr at this link:
The Bookshelf

Download @ BOX or SFS
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"The Polynesian Restaurant and Tiki Lounge has been a neighborhood landmark since 1976. It's where your parents went on their first date, and where everyone goes to dinner on prom night."

CC free, 2x3 community lot.
CLICK for photos and download link )

I sometimes forget to post things here after they have been posted on Tumblr, but you can find any other lots that I have shared there by going HERE.
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I shared this over on my Tumblr, and figured I'd post it here too so it's easier to find again.

This is a 3x4 community lot built entirely without custom content. I have the Ultimate Collection, so it might contain objects from any and all EPs. Checked and repackaged with Clean Installer to insure it’s a clean lot.

Download at Sim File Share
Download at Box.com

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I was 20 years old when my husband and I got married. Just starting out in life we had nothing but some beat-up old hand-me-down furniture, a beat-up old hand-me-down car, and big, bright dreams about the future. We decided we were going go live wherever we wanted to, and we unanimously decided that we wanted to live on the beach. So we drove to Florida the day after our wedding, and quickly found out that rental properties on the beach are not cheap! But we eventually found a one room, ramshackle little place that was in eye-shot of the Gulf that we could just barely afford. And it was heaven. Sand spur and palmetto bug infested heaven, but whatever. /boring back story

I decided I wanted to recreate our first place on the beach in TS2 and in the process ended up making two more beach-themed starter lots. So here they are for download! They are 1x1 lots, fully furnished (cc-free, though created using the Ultimate Collection), and each one contains all the basic nessecities as well as all the basic skill-building tools. Made for a single sim who is just starting out, or as a cheap vacation home. Click the spoiler link below each image for more photos, information, and download links.

The Beach Cottage

This can accommodate a double bed with the removal of the screen, moving the easel outside, and reorganizing the other furniture. Comes with 5 vegetable garden plots.

Download the Beach Cottage

The Beach Shack

This is the one inspired by our first rental place! One room living at it's finest. :P Except for our furniture being completely different, and there being a tiny closet where the dining table is, this is really close to the original layout. Even the bathroom sink in the living area, which we also had to wash dishes in!

Download the Beach Shack

The Beach Trailer

This one has the luxury of a separate bedroom! Sims actually sleep rather well on the hammock, so two Sims could theoretically live here at the same time.

Download the Beach Trailer

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A few weeks ago I found a Flickr account with a lot of scanned house plans from the 1950's and 60's and decided I had to build some of them in the Sims 2 world. So now I'm sharing! :D The houses are fully furnished and decorated with all Maxis content (I have the Ultimate Collection, so there's probably stuff from every EP). I play tested each one to make sure there aren't any weird issues. However, be aware that I make liberal use of the decorating cheats (move objects, quarter tile placement, grid off) and unless you have a mod or hack that prevents shrubs and flowers from needing tending, your sims won't be able to get to many of the plants to water or trim them. So you'll have to replace them with "fake" CC plants or delete them entirely. Do what you want!

House 1: Ranch-a-Mundo

This is a 3x3 lot. No foundation. Based on this house plan:

There's plenty of extra room in the back for play equipment or a garden.

Yes, I built a decorative, raised fireplace. :P I think it looks cool!

OR HERE (sim file share)

House 2: Lofty Suburban.

This is a 2x2 lot. No foundation. Based on this house plan:

The parking pad in the garage does not connect to the road via a driveway, so the vehicles will sort of magic themselves into the street and back into the garage when Sims drive somewhere. There's lots of room left in the garage for crafting benches or exercise equipment. There is also an empty bonus room that could be used as a 3rd bedroom or a rec room.

OR HERE (sim file share)

House 3: Back at the Ranch

This is a 3x3 lot. The house is on a foundation with an attached garage and a basement. Based on this house plan:

Again, there's only a parking pad in the garage (no driveway) so the car will hop out to the street and back into the garage.

This house has a lot of space for a large family! The basement can be left as is, or divided into two more rooms.

Lots of wide open space in the back yard for gardening or playing.

OR HERE (sim file share)

And finally, a duplex apartment.

Two spacious apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large back patio. Based on this building plan:

I didn't really bother to furnish these since the tenant has to do that themselves anyway. I just put in the beds and couches for scale.

OR HERE (sim file share)
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This is the residential version of a community lot I made for the Sims Community Project on Tumblr: Lot #48, Darling Academy of Fine Arts.

Darling Estate Manor is on a 3x3 lot, and man that sucker pretty much fills it up. It comes furnished and decorated, so it's gonna set your Sim back about 364K. Expect the bills to run about 1700-1800 simoleons.

This lot contains NO CC. It's all Maxis, baby! It was built using the Ultimate Collection (i.e. every EP and SP). Packaged with the Clean Installer so you shouldn't have any problems other than stuff missing from EPs you don't have.

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I made these a long time ago as a gift, but I think I can share them with everyone now.

House One: A Stone's Throw

Photos and download link. )

House Two: Mountain Dew

More photos and the download link. )
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It's my birthday today so I'm giving away gifts!  :P  Nothing fancy, since I've not finished the Holiday Gift Pile stuff I was working on before Christmas... This is actually something I built ages ago and decided to go ahead and put it out there in case someone needs a huge-ass modern-esque house in their game.

More photos than what was probably necessary! )
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This is the public pool I made for my Trailer Park Challenge families to go to on days when they can't afford to shop at Walmart or they just need to get out of the trailer for a few hours.  But it's certainly good enough for any neighborhood!

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Jul. 25th, 2010 07:38 pm
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Not the most spectacular community lot ever.  I built it fast without much thought to aesthetics just so my trailer park family had somewhere to buy food!  Made without any CC, but I do have every EP, so take that into consideration.  I re-packed it with Clean Installer, if that even makes a difference.  Perhaps it will show up missing only what comes with EPs you don't have.



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